Book a Court

How to book a Court

  1. Download Teamviewer 
  2. Install Teamviewer on your computer

In partners ID shown in picture above you enter the following number 972607598

  1. In the password window like shown above you enter “squash#1
  2. From there you control the booking computer at the George Squash Club
  3. Book Court with Membership Number and Pin
  4. If Teamviewer is down please contact to arrange booking. 
  5. Please make sure there is enough funds on your lights account to book a court
  6. Please note light tariffs are R14 per member. 

Members to top up Lights account during open bar times or deposit funds into the George Squash Club Bank account,

Banking Details:


Bank : FNB (First National Bank)

Branch : George

Branch Code : 250655

Type of acc : Cheque Account

Account No : 62769476344

Ref : Member Nr and Surname

For any queries regarding creating a beneficiary please contact Riaan Potgieter at 082 789 6565

  1.  Please email the club George Squash Club proof of payment
  2. Bar Times Days Open:Tuesday, Thursday,Friday Time: 17:00 – 19:00